Why We Play


When a charity event takes off and becomes a success, as the Sue Deacon Cup is doing, we can sometimes lose sight of why we are doing what we do. Our little tournament means so much to so many people – and it does so because of who we are honouring when we lace up our skates to raise money to fight ovarian cancer: Sue Deacon – sister, daughter, partner, aunt, friend, and teammate. Each of one of us who plays in this tournament, and each who donates is part of Sue’s legacy – a community committed to doing what we can to find a cure for ovarian cancer.

But before she passed away, Sue built her own legacy in the love she had for her family. This year, two of Sue’s nieces, Callie and Tashi, and her nephew, Sachen, will hit the ice to honour their Aunt Sue and their tributes to her show how much she lives on in them. We think she would be proud.


My name is Callie Deacon, and Sue was my aunt. I am so blessed to have had Aunt Sue in my life. She was the bravest, kindest person I have ever known.

Why do I play hockey? The answer is simple. Because of my Aunt Sue. I will never forget the first time she took me to hockey. She did up my skates, and was so excited when I got the tape ball. If Aunt Sue knew that this whole tournament was taking place, and that I was going to be playing in the 14 and under game, I can tell you that she would be so excited!

This is why I am participating in the 2015 Sue Deacon Cup. With your help, we can fight Ovarian Cancer together!

GO HOCKEY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi my name is Sachen Gombu. On April 24th and 25th, 2015, I will be playing in the second annual Sue Deacon Cup, a fundraising hockey tournament in support of Ovarian Cancer Canada.

There are a billion reasons why I loved my Aunt Sue. If I tried to write them all I wouldn’t be finished until the next Sue Deacon Cup! But here are a few reasons; the first is that she came to all my hockey games. Even when she had cancer and was in the hospital, she would come and watch my games. She watched my games from when I had just started skating at age four, to two years ago when I was nine. She taught me how to skate at Dufferin Grove Park in the winter.

I loved, after scoring a goal, seeing Aunt Sue at the edge of the crowd cheering me on. In the dressing room after a game, whenever my feet were cold, Aunt Sue would rub them to warm them up.  I would sometimes after hockey games go to her house and spend time with her.  Even when she was really sick, Aunt Sue was always willing to play ball hockey with me in my backyard or at the Palmerston School playground

Ovarian cancer is the most fatal of women’s cancer and because it’s not as common as other cancers it doesn’t get a lot of funding, so please donate to help find a cure.



Hello Friends,

My name is Tashi Gombu. The Sue Deacon Cup, a fundraising hockey tournament in support of Ovarian Cancer Canada is taking place in honour of my beloved Aunt Sue who passed away in June of 2013 after an 11 year long battle with the disease.

A list of everything Aunt Sue did for me would go on infinitely. She was one of the most beautiful and incredible people that I have met, and probably will ever meet. Hockey is in my family because of Aunt Sue. Her love and passion for the game given everything she went through inspired and continues to inspire me every day. 

Something you need to know about Aunt Sue is that she ALWAYS had time for you. She would drop everything to pay a visit if you were upset and needed someone to talk to. I will forever cherish how she went out of her way to attend the games/practices of ALL of her nieces/nephews. Even when she was in the hospital she would try so hard to make to the arena with a huge smile on her face. It was unbelievably rewarding to look up after scoring a goal or making a good pass and see her grinning like crazy and giving you a huge thumbs up.