The 2017 Sue Deacon Cup will be played on April 7th and 8th at Bill Bolton Arena.

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“Had she known about her increased risk for ovarian cancer beforehand, Sue could have had prophylactic surgery and she’d still be here,” says Chris. “By encouraging me to learn about my genetic risk, she saved my life. And now the money raised by her tournament could someday help save my daughters’ lives.”

Deacon sisters power play

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The Sue Deacon Memorial Cup thanks our generous sponsors for their amazing support. 




That’s how much you helped us raise at the 2015 Sue Deacon Cup in Sue’s memory – funds that will go towards vital research and education to help find a cure for ovarian cancer.



Sue’s greatest joys? Simple: Family + hockey.

“I loved, after scoring a goal, seeing Aunt Sue at the edge of the crowd cheering me on. In the dressing room after a game, whenever my feet were cold, Aunt Sue would rub them to warm them up.  I would sometimes after hockey games go to her house and spend time with her.  Even when she was really sick, Aunt Sue was always willing to play ball hockey with me in my backyard or at the school playground.”

– Sachen, Sue’s nephew

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The Sue Deacon Cup 2017

Friday April 7th and Saturday April 8th

Bill Bolton Arena

When Sue Deacon passed away from ovarian cancer on June 3, 2013, she left behind her a fiercely loving family – her husband, her sisters, her father, her nieces and nephew – and many, many friends, including a good number from Toronto’s Bill Bolton hockey league. Sue was one of ours, and losing her touched us all, deeply. Sue’s battle against cancer had been the backdrop to her entire hockey career – she didn’t begin playing until after she was diagnosed – and after her death, we wanted to do something to honour her.

2017 marks the Fourth Annual Sue Deacon Memorial Cup – a two-day two-division (women’s and men’s) hockey tournament, held at Bill Bolton Arena in Sue’s memory. All proceeds from the tourney go directly to Ovarian Cancer Canada. Last year, the tournament raised over $120,000 to support OCC’s research and education. 

The Sue Deacon Memorial Cup could not happen without the generous support of our sponsors.

The 2017 Sue Deacon Cup will played in